Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/24/18: Halloween Costumes

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Halloween was once freaky business.

Thinking up a new and unique Halloween costume can be a chore. Everything seems like it’s been done before, and done better. Pizza Rat. A Thousand Points of Light. A Stayfree MiniPad. But through the magic of random generation, it’s possible to combine costume ideas in new ways and truly create one that’s unique.

Unique Halloween Costumes

Riot Grrl Flapper Undead Medusa Death Metal Baby Mermaid Clown Headless Elvis Medieval Aerobics Instructor Biker Babe Banshee Martian Nurse Cyclops Gladiator Pirate Geisha Extreme Sports Alien Zombie Belly Dancer Mad Scientist Unicorn Redneck Batman Goblin Cheerleader Druid Exorcist Hula Girl Cousin It Two-headed Witch Steampunk Surgeon Pumpkin-headed Punk Prehistoric Wizard Rocky Horror Ghostbuster Alcoholic Deadpool Muppet Professor

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