Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/21/20: Halloween Costumes 2020


french bulldog trump

Many people would agree that it’s been a terrible year. Usually such a year would generate some cleverly epic Halloween costumes, but there’s nowhere to show them off, except virtually. And that’s not a lot of fun.

Still, if you’re up for it, here are some randomly generated ideas.

(And check out costumes for 2018.)


Halloween Costumes for 2020

French Bulldog President Trump

Scooby Gang member Joe Biden

Vampire “Karen”

Day of the Dead Dr. Fauci

Alcoholic Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Top Gun Pilot Mitch McConnell

Stoner Baby Shark

Ancient Greek Epidemiologist

Doughnut bitten by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

White Supremacist Bigfoot

Republican Executioner

COVID Mask-wearing Werewolf

Hello Kitty Coronavirus

Antifa Zombie

Proud Boy Aerobics Instructor

Ninja Kamala Harris

Unemployed Vampire

Home-Schooled Elvis

Fascist Video Game Streamer

Baby Vladimir Putin

Self-Quarantined Llama

Robot Corgi

Angry Nintendo Switch

Unicorn TERF


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