Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/3/18: Mythic Animals

Kirin-Sleipnir-Dragon-Butterfly thing

Mythical animals include the unicorn, jackalope, sea serpent, hydra, sasquatch, and many others… such as these. All randomly generated by me for inspiration and to get your creative furnaces going.


Mythic Animals

Yauzink: An aquatic lion with webbed paws, fins, a fish’s tail, and a mottled green and brown coloration. It is the favored steed of mermaids.

Basimurgh: A huge beast resembling a rhinoceros, but with eight horns on its long, square snout and white bristles on its head. It lays eggs in a nest of bones and meditates quietly until they hatch.

Nidbets: Monkey-like creatures with three tails and sweet smelling breath.

Yammovern: A dangerous mountain-dwelling wolverine whose forelimbs have mutated into batlike wings. It has an alert, watchful stance and poisonous spurs on its ankles.

Varlumph: A strange mixture of camel and lion used as a mount by steppe nomads. It spits at those who anger it.

Tatsa-Opel: A strange beast of the north that looks like a hippopotamus-headed musk ox covered with brown and tan stripes.

Wyvaroon: A rare animal that resembles a camel with eight humps and hairy tonsils. It has cloven hooves and foul, rancid breath.

Peganix: A legendary animal that looks like a fox with bird’s legs and wings. It has a single eye in the middle of its forehead and an insatiable appetite for human hearts.

Gallinemph: A rarely seen animal halfway between an armadillo and a hare in appearance. It is covered with shaggy fur and has scarlet nostrils.

Winkjereen: Tiny finger-sized ferrets with dragonfly wings. They flit in clouds under appleberry blossoms.

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