Reading Challenge 2018

Little girl and big dog reading a book It’s January again, so it’s time for another reading challenge courtesy of Authors Water Cooler. The Challenge consists of a list of 50 categories/subjects for a book, 12 of which we can choose with the option of extra credit if we finish early. Some categories are new, some were carried over from last year. Last year’s challenge was a lot of fun but also required discipline on my part, as I tend to be a lazy reader unless on a schedule I can habituate to. I was able to find that sweet spot during my lunch hour, however, and luckily a habit for me, though it takes a while to establish, distresses me to break it.

Cobalt Jade’s 2018 Reading Challenge List

1. Get on with it already: A book that’s been on your TBR (to be read) list for over a year.
Hermetech, by Storm Constantine.
I’ve been trying to read this one forever.

2. Freebies: A book you (legally) obtained without paying for.
The One Gold Slave,
by Christian Kennedy
A giveaway from the author.

3. Setting sail: A book taking place mostly or all on water.
City of Fortune, by Roger Crowley
A history of Venice.

4. I remember that!: A book about a historical event that took place in your lifetime.
Where Wizards Stay Up Late, by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon
About the creation of the Internet.

5. My hometown: A book by a local author.
Reamde, by Neal Stephenson
A fellow Seattleite.

8. Bits and pieces: An anthology (poetry, short stories, whatever).
Undead Worlds, A Reanimated Writers Anthology
Zombie stories.

24. War is hell: A book about war, on the lines or the homefront, fiction or nonfiction.
A Delicate Truth,
by John Le Carre
Never read him before! Looking forward to it.

34. Who was that, again?: A book about a person you know little about.
The Other Boleyn Girl, Philippa Gregory
Who is she? I dunno.

29. Keep up with the Joneses: A book by someone everyone else seems to have read but you have not. T
by Stephanie Myers; Wicked, by Gregory Maguire
This one is a toss-up. If I can’t find my thrift-store copy of Twilight, I’ll do the Maguire.

38. Coming to a theater near you: A book made into a major motion picture.
Albert Nobbs, by George Moore
Been meaning to read this one for a while, too.

48. The butler might have done it: A mystery.
Antiques Swap, by Barbara Allen
I credit this one to my cousin’s wife, who had been trying to get me to read cozy mysteries for years.

49. Pixies and Dryads and Elves, oh my!: A high fantasy. T
he Worm Ouroboros,
by E. R. Eddison.
That’s as High Fantasy as it gets.

(Note that these will not be read in the order they appear here, but according to my whim.)


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