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Ancient City

Could this have been the ruins of Cair Paravel in some alternate timeline? Or the famous Lost City of the Giants past the Northern Moors?  

Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/28/21: Places in Narnia (Narnia XXIV)

One thing Narnia did not have is a lot of human towns. In fact, I can think of only two: the Telmarine settlements of Beruna and Beaversdam. There’s also a town called Chippingford in The Last Battle but whether it is human or not is unclear. There’s also some kind of human settlement around Cair …

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The Western Wild

Other posts in this series: The Odd Geography of the Utter East The Wild Lands of the North Calormen and the South So we come to the last unexplored region of Narnia – The Western Wild. It’s an area of rugged wilderness, without law or human rulers, as opposed to the south, which is dominated …

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