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Jimmy Page’s Pants

Cartoon by Nicola Rivka. I’ll post some more of her stuff when I get around to Zeptoons.

Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/5/22: Haircuts (Silly)

An AI can generate recipes, stories, Halloween costumes… but how about haircuts? A silly list for you to laugh at, though some of these may be plausible in some future setting.   Haircuts that don’t, and shouldn’t, exist Aseptic: The haircut is done by cutting short, curly ends of the hair. When the hair is …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/8/20: Nail Polish Colors

Cutex introduced the first commercial nail polish in 1916.  Amazingly, the formula was derived from nitrocellulose, a chemical used in automotive paint, another new innovation of the time. Before this, people made do with henna, or concoctions of wax, egg whites, and gelatine. No longer! A new kind of beauty salon was born, and a …

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