Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/5/22: Haircuts (Silly)

Korean Boy haircut (this was generated in AI from the description below)

An AI can generate recipes, stories, Halloween costumes… but how about haircuts?

A silly list for you to laugh at, though some of these may be plausible in some future setting.


Haircuts that don’t, and shouldn’t, exist

Aseptic: The haircut is done by cutting short, curly ends of the hair. When the hair is cut back toward the natural middle line, it is cut out. The shorter ends are shaved.

Aunt Marie: A haircut that shows off the shaved head. It comes as a surprising reminder of the fact that baldness can often cause health problems.

L. Short (B.L.) hair: A stylized form of hair loss based on its shape and texture. Also known as short-stiff hair or curly hair.

Barbarian: A style of hair that gets longer after getting chopped off.

Bluebeard: A haircut that does little more than take off your shirt or pants.

Boatboy: A modern-style cut involves a cut-over head.

Bubblehair: A hairstyle that makes it look bigger on the head, with a black back.

Curdling-frost cut: A haircut that’s a natural, not-so-distant leap from the manly look or the womanly look of someone that’s grown up and has tried to conform to some of the traditional ways and needs.

Fashionista: Women’s hair with a heavy side that has an elastic back.

Korean Boy cut: A cut with a short hair that is much smaller than a straight man’s that seems to stretch into a big, round head, usually between the three to four inches. In an interview with Playboy, Mr. Joon-ho, the cut’s creator, admitted his real-life relationship with his haircut. “There’s a reason I cut my hair once in a while. I was afraid that it would sound like a joke,” he said. (I went to Japan and saw a few “boy cut”-types over there — they weren’t hard to come by, at least at a decent price)

Mohai: This is a very popular cut to give a “flip” appearance to hair in your style. It can be very hard to match a girl’s hair style and to work in their hair rather than the side of their head.

Odesza Black: A hairstyle that gets shorter because a haircut makes you look bigger.

Poodle Pot: A man that has a bald face after wearing a full beard every day for 10 months.

Poppins: As the name suggests, this cut is an American icon of the 20th century, part of the United States Army, and part of a group called the New Americans of North Dakota.

Primavera: Also known as short steeples or wort short.

Puma cut: Women’s hair with a short side that has a thin end.

Red line cut: The style originally known as a straight-line or halyard.

Ripped cut: This cut consists of a short, pointed cut and a rounded cut, usually with two lines.

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