AI Art Adventures: Blending a crown

If you’ve read my posts on AI versions of Narnia’s White Witch, Green Witch, and Queen Jadis of Charn, you’ll know I have a fascination with exotic costumes. I blame this on watching the Sonny and Cher Show  in the early 1970s. (Some of my grade school designs for Cher would have put present day drag queens to shame. ) Happily, hours hunched over a sketchbook, pencil in hand, is no longer necessary to come up with some daring designs. Just a good eye and good command of the English language.

Several months back I was teaching myself the Midjourney Blend command, trying to come up with a novel crown for a fantasy character.

These were the pics I chose as bases. Very disparate. You can blend up to seven pics in MJ, loading each one as you would a pic on a blog.

These were ones generated. The woman seems to be the same, with variations in her metallic costume, and the crowns are all variations too in beaten silver metal and golden spikes. Not bad at all for one go-round.

If I was a costume designer I’d ditch drawing thumbnails for good.

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