Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/9/23: Narnian Inns (Narnia XLVI)

A talking sloth at the local inn

By the end of the reign of the Telmarine kings, the human population of Narnia had grown. In The Silver Chair, in fact, it’s stated that one in five citizens was a human, the rest being dwarves, Talking Beasts, centaurs, and the like. And if there’s one thing humans love, it’s having  a drink in the local pub. So here’s some inns which may have existed in Narnia at that time.


Narnian Inns

Phoenix Hill Public Inn

Roughraven’s Den and Eatery

Pursesprawlin’s Inn and Alehouse

King’s Rest

The Queen’s Harp

Kingblossom Pub

Griffon’s Crown

The Inn of Dryadsdale

The Puzzled Dragon

The Naiad’s Neck

Queensgirdle Public Inn

The Hamadryad’s Horn


The Hare’s Charm

The Proud Lion

The Leopard’s Fiddle

The Ridgeland Inn

The Dusty Stag

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