Jadis 2022: Zenith

In this post I’ll present depictions of Jadis that are my personal favorites and catch something of her character.

First, take the above. I doubt it’s meant to be Jadis, and the Gothic church background, with pews, is all wrong, but that costume is something, and so is the blank but dreadful look in her eyes as she casts a spell.

A traditional White Witch depiction that doesn’t break new ground, but the artist’s technique is wonderful.

A portrait of Jadis in which she looks like a glamorous 1940s movie star. Her complexion is healthily pink rather than pasty white or pale blue. She looks regal yet brittle. Say the wrong thing and she’ll snap.

Not meant to be Jadis, but I like that overdone celestial headpiece that resembles a Chinese pagoda. This Jadis is menacing rather than angry and dynamic.

This Jadis is triumphant, sadistic, and mean-spirited, despite the little butterfly bow on her cape. The winged crown is unique and there’s something about her eyebrows that screams “Frida Kahlo” to me.

The top illustration is Russian and so is the one below, which are meant to depict the Snow Queen, or Winter Queen, of Russian fairy tales. Usually this lady is friendly and inviting, but these depictions are far from that.

A theatrical costume for the witch in which she wears a feathered showgirl headress and a sort-of Victorian military jacket fitted with panniers, the open front showing beige jodhpurs and black boots. It’s a different approach, and I like it.

The pale femme fatale offers Edmund some Turkish Delight, which he eagerly eats.

Jadis of Charn, in the red gown that is sort-of fanon for her visual depiction and a sword that drips green venom, alluding to her envy, perhaps. Another piece with great technique and great atmosphere.

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