Aslan on Stage (Part IV)

Now we get to the last part of this series, where I’ll look at what Aslan could be, or might be, in some future production.

Take the costume sketch above. This Aslan stands apart from all we’ve seen before, the concept part African and part Indonesian or maybe Ceylonese. He brings to mind the Indian monkey god Hanuman. As is standard the designer included some fabric samples stapled to the corner.

An 18th-century military or pirate look would be nice too. This was a design for another play that had a lion character, but it could work well for Aslan.

Or perhaps the production decides on a Scottish, rather than British, feel?

Or one in which Narnia is stuck in the Tudor Age? Though I can’t see Aslan slouching so nonchalantly on a throne.

Here’s an Aslan that might work for The Horse and His Boy, which had an “Oriental” (Turkish / Indian / Middle East) setting of Calormen. The girl might be Aravis.

Most artwork of warrior lion men was too full of bared teeth, battle fury, and oversized weaponry to convey a convincing Aslan, but this character is thoughtful and sedate.

The world of furry and anthro art opens up more possibilities. This is a nice tribal fantasy look for Aslan, with or without the lion face.

And who says Aslan has to be a male, even? This getup might do nicely for a gender-swapped version. One might have a White Warlock instead of a witch.

With some time and patience, it’s always possible to create your own Aslan costume with some discarded cardboard, glue, and a utility knife.

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