Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/15/21: Knights of the Round Table

Like the origin and location of Camelot, the number and names of The Knights of the Round Table varied with who was telling the story. Some writers went with a dozen, others, a cast of hundreds. All of them came with their own extensive backstory, sometimes featuring each other as cousins, sons, lieges, or squires, the relationships convoluted. Modern retellings stick to the best known: Sirs Lancelot, Galahad, Percival, Tristan, Kay, and Sir Gawain and his foe, The Green Knight.

The knights were headquartered at Camelot and the round table was created so no one man counted higher  than another, as he would if he sat at the head of a traditional table. In the early years of Arthur’s reign the knights kept the kingdom in peace and, later, went on the quest for the Holy Grail, the chalice used at Christ’s Last Supper.

The names of the knights tended to sound French, which was no surprise as the first chivalric romances were written in French by Chrétien de Troyes. But the origins of some of those names were from Welsh and British myth, Chrétien merely Francophiling them, in a way.

Anyway, what’s a few more knights to add to the mix?


Other Knights of the Round Table

Sir Bleonor of the Blue Apple

Sir Luthelant of Spearcomb

Pallgant the White Knight

Sir Peiravaine

Sir Boreius

Sir Salgavene

Sir Murois of the Amethyst Rose

Sir Brandhault of Millkaster

Sir Lactavale

Friar Glesmere

The Hermit of Kingswood

Sir Pastrivaine the Dignified

Sir Triesnor

Sir Blamisvere

Edulreeve the Scarlet Duke

Saint Bedaeus

Sir Lyravaunt

King Gandybor

Sir Peiris the Fat

Sir Sisgrede of the White Moors

Sir Hectorlarke

Sir Umrieth

Sir Embrynant

Alymder of the Wood

Squire Jolenor the Valiant

Pendimont the Rapt

Sir Anelraise the Red Knight

Sir Murishault the Eager


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