Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/27/21: Horror Movies

Nosferatu, or The Undead, was a 1922 German silent film that predates the more familiar Universal version of Dracula. Max Schreck played the titular vampire, Count Orlov; the actor had an unusually tall, thin, lanky build that added to the otherworldly look of the being, highlighted in this trailer for a restored version of the film. Unlike Dracula, Count Orlov’s fangs were not his carnivore teeth — they were his front incisors! They, with his pointed ears, bulging eyes, and clawed hands created a unique horror that’s still to be replicated.

If you’re looking for a made-up horror movie to stick in somewhere, here’s a list. I even hope some are produced one day!


Horror Movies

In the Mouth of Lucifer

I was a Teenage Banshee

The Stalking Cannibal

Dawn of the Fiend

13 Scorpions

Return of the Damned

Day of the Ghoul

Beyond Legend

Talons of the Crawling Hand

Eyes of the Puppet Master

Dracula vs. the Witch Doctor

Our Martian Eden

Scream, Dr. Jekyll

Birth of the Gorgon

Thirteen Corpses

Empty Graves

Casting the Runes

The Claw of Jupiter

Succubus and Gorgon

The Wicked + the Divine

The Borogravian Mirror

Underworld Embalmer

Who Left the Bones in That Box?

Spider Women from beyond the North Star


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