Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/20/21: The Best of Twittersnips (Fairy Tales)

Russian fairy tales have a cast of characters rarely heard above in the West. I believe the pic above is of Alkonost and Sirin, two mythical, woman-headed birds with bewitching voices. Unlike the sirens, they used their singing for good, bringing happiness to those deserving. The cave full of giant gem crystals is an unfamiliar element as well, though the intrepid boy explorer is not.

Following are a list of imaginary fairy tales culled from my Twitter feed, 2017 – 2021.


Fables and Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales
Princess Apple Blossom
The Sleepy Little Seamstress
The Talking Pudding
The Goat-Girl’s Blessing
The Magic Cheese-Mold
The Terrible Bairn and the Forgotten Girl
Secrets of the Soundhole
Why Beauty is Blind
The City Where No One Was Ugly
How Death Was Wounded
The Monkey and the Apes
The Fable of the Peacock and the Ogre
1001 Arabian Nights Stories
The Tale of the Rok’s Foster Daughter
The Nine Lemons
The Adventures of King Absmas and His Brother
Nursery Rhymes
The Honey-Tongued Hummingbird of Hickenback Dell

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