Narnia in the Real World

Last year, while researching Narnia, I found out about the existence of a Florida rock band called White Witch. I don’t know if the name was inspired by Narnia or not. But there are plenty of other musical groups and even companies who looked to Lewis for inspiration.

The Australian rock band Silverchair was perhaps the most famous of these, pictured above in its very young grunge phase.

Jadis inspired the name of a British prog-rock band.

Beruna, or be-Runa, is a company that makes sprouted seed salt and heirloom popcorn.

Charn(ia) is an ancient lifeform from the pre-Cambrian period that looked like a leaf or a feather. The place where its fossil was found was named Charnwood.

Pevensie, the family of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, lent its name to a tract of retirement homes. The house plans are named after the kids; this is the Edmund.

Aslan Brewing, maker of craft beers, is based in Bellingham, Washington.

… while Narnia is also the name of a Swedish rock band.

Jazz musician Kris Berg wrote this piece titled “The Gates of Tashbaan.”

Lastly, a nail polish manufacturer called Pahlish came out with this collection in 2014 titled “The Wood Between the Worlds.”




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