Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/14/21: Witches of the North (Narnia XXII)


Jadis the White Witch eats a bowl of noodles

Jadis, by Otenba-bekki.

“Long, long ago, at the very beginning, a White Witch came out of the North and bound our land in snow and ice for a hundred years. And we think this may be one of the same crew.”

This throwaway quote by an anonymous owl in The Silver Chair made me think. Its casual use of “crew” implies Narnia was plagued periodically by these wicked women, who had nefarious plans and were dispatched before their plots came to full fruition, and yet went unrecorded in Mr. Lewis’s chronicles of the place.

Well?  What do you think?

Some randomgenned witches who might have followed in Jadis’s footsteps.


Jadis’s Colleagues and Rivals

Serena Winter, the Cold Spellmistress

The Invisible Sorceress of Salvargaunt Glacier

The Arctic Enchantress

Invilgra the Ivory Witch

Wynnrhin, the Witch of the North Star

Shinwraith of the Silver Sash

The Wolfsilver Witch

The Crystal Harpy

Mistress of the Pale Yellow Sapphire

Lady Frozen Flame

The Witch-Queen of Black Ice Mountain

Mischa of the Furred Capelet

Jinsapha the Pale-fingered

The White Opal Sorceress

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