Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/2/21: The Best of Twittersnips (Mythical Beings)

The Indian god Varune riding on a crocodile

One of the subjects I love randomgenning most are mythical creatures – demons, monsters, legendary beings, animals.

These names are culled from my Twitter feed, from the years 2017 – 2020.


Mythical Beings

Satatareth, the Angel of Good Hygiene

Gembilath, the Angel of Decay

Hestothy, the Demon Queen of Depravity

Levibed: A demon that appears in the form of a handsome youth with seven genitals. According to legend, he gave mankind the gift of fire.

Sclyaathin the Painbird: A demon that appears in the form of a baboon with a hawk’s head. He is guardian of the gateway to hell.

Blastrin: A three-headed white stag with red flames for eyes.

Gongcard: A huge anteater covered with reptilian scales. It has a blue mane and a long, narrow snout.

Slythaput: A two-headed scorpion with poisonous earlobes. It has small flaccid barbels around its mouth and may be found near natural springs.

Maggabed: A nature spirit with the head of a turtle and the body of a sea cucumber.

Charaiesis: A bear spirit with a green fish’s tail and webbed feet.

Trinoyree: A giant dog covered with pleated, naked skin that allows it to roll up into a ball.

Phyfe: A giant turtle with scales made of liquid glass.

Tyranafen: A vulture-like monster with eight legs and long, hairy eyebrows.

Jellund: A strange frog-like monster with a tuft of white feathers on its head. It has a very dense body that feels the air pressure around it.

Phoetrine: A goddess of War who takes the form of a voluptuous woman with the heads of two lionesses.

Boudecima: A golem in the form of a winged maiden whose singing lures snakes out of human towns.

Fenixmoon: A sky elemental that appears as a blue, winged serpent with a girl’s head. She bears the crescent moon on her brow.

The Moon God Akkartou, and his brother, the Wind God Ekundar

Dr. Nysariel, the Kettlejuice Demon

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