Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/21/21: Fill Your Bookshelf

The Bodleian Library at Oxford University

Sometimes when you DM or write fantasy, you need to list books in a character’s library.  Books that sound obscure, magical, historical, singular. Tolkien has his imaginary Book of Redmarch, Lovecraft his Necronomicon and Pnakotic Manuscripts. Here’s a randomgenned list of some more.


Library Books, Fantasy Style

A Man’s Tome of Migford

Four Books of Uvasus

Violet Libram of the Albino

The Dracburn Grimoire

Tome of Command

Whistler’s Almanac of 1032

The Rhondash Encyclopedia

The Blue Book of Scarplum

The Book of Graylion

Whipping Bible

A Chanting Guide to Salgain

The Rejuvenating Omnibus of the Monks of Kessinweep

Book of the Becalmed

The Lovewood Guide to Canine Behaviors

The Brisingap Album

The Fifty Books of the Jinsingramin

Green Almanac of the Dwarf

Book of Bright Stars

Falgar’s Nine Folios of Evil and Corruption

The Unfinished Manuscript of Clanverloss

Myrlandra’s Book of Spycraft

The Clytebant Folio

The Scarlet Text of Ruddinester

Impal’s Almanac of Illusory Substances

The Well-Read Spellmaster’s Book of Advanced Fabrication

Lovedark’s Monograph

Treatise on Drunkeness and its Relation to Small Insects

The Caratheon Book of Legendary Heroes

The Nine-form Ledger

Eugata’s Treatise on Advanced Geometry

Tome of Greenglaze

The Dark Book of Nunsark

The Iplan & Fess Guide to Illusions

The gaming site DndSpeak has a list of more (admittedly on the parody side, such as Alice’s Adventures in the Underdark).

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