Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/3/21: Fairy Tales III

Illustration by Arthur Rackham

This illustration by Arthur Rackham appeared on the cover of a book of Grimm’s fairy tales given to me by my parents. I forget the name of the story, but in it, the child hero, who is peeking out of the stove at the illustration’s approximate center, is hiding from the ogre. He has been hidden there by the ogre’s sympathetic mother, who is standing at the table waiting to cook dinner for her son.  Oddly, the ogre is giant-sized while the mother is a normal human. The live cows swinging from the ogre’s belt seem smaller than they should be, considering the mother’s size, while the frying pan seems larger. It’s a wonderful, evocative depiction — and that’s why I remember it, all these years later — but when you think about it, really confusing.

But that’s the nature of fairy tales. They don’t always make sense.

More untold fairy tales that could have been, but weren’t.


Unwritten Fairy Tales III

The Prince With Cat’s Ears

The Tale of the Devil’s She-Goats

The Immortal Heart of Klaus the Beggar

Puss in Mittens

The Girl Who Wanted To Dance in the Rain

The Greedy Wyvern


The Elm Tree That Was Envious of the Bridle

The Seven Lonely Sisters

The Fair Shepherdess

Princess Poetra

The Troll’s One-Eyed Uncle

The Salt Tower and the Sugar Tower

The Village Where No One Was Industrious

The Riddle of Walter the Miller

The Boat that Made Marvelous the Devil

The Mystery of the Emperor’s Napkin

The Girl Who Tried to Ride a Sparrow

The Garden Made of Glass

The Seven Laughing Princesses

The Goodwife Who Could Change Clay into Gold


The Clever Good Sense of the Alewife

Snow Gold

The Canary Who Poorly Judged a Fox

Locks of Copper, Feet of Dust

Spindaleena and the Glass Robe

The Hat Made of Gold

The Wolf Girl


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