Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/17/21: The Best of Twittersnips (Off the Map)

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You have to look closely at this map until it begins to look a little familiar….

(It’s Europe with water and land masses reversed and relabeled as new countries.)

Like the map, here’s some places that currently don’t exist, but could.


Imaginary Places

German  cities / towns
Ulmesslen, Münrach, Spargán, Amsprechtdanberg, Munsilacht
Icelandic  cities / towns
Trömjabik, Heybegär, Geykhovik, Rëtradacik, Trisjavik
Finnish cities / towns
Helsadam, Helscupäa
Russian  cities / towns
Zobnovik, Cheysnovek, Zhervond, Besprydov, Zsonich
Greek cities / towns
Helspená, Axatis
Italian locations / cities
Forte Colombotti, Monte Moramo, Luguardia, Monte Sanciatti,
Strada di Sfornello, Trienna
Indian cities / towns
Lassadjram, Dhamunja
English  cities / towns
Cryleston, Lisburn, Cambley
English villages
Pigsgirdle, Mencheese
Scottish villages
Baillieston, Haighaith
Wild West locations
Brittle Wheel, Buffalo Clay, Dead Prospector Pass, Packbull
American Southern Gothic towns
Gicksonville, Charlesmead, Jucksville
Canadian provinces
Yeskatoon, Ilberma
Other places
Aëlenbul  (Turkish city)
New Sedley  (American colonial town)
Amdhezjen  (Balkan city)
Rhoëbba  (Austrian city)
Zarabinda  (Spanish city)
Spriáthe  (Hungarian city)
Shavistan  (Central Asian kingdom)
Chiscatawnee  (Small Tennessee town)
Portfiddle  (Small Maine town)
Rangiatea  (New Zealand town)
Zaat Asiv  (Israeli city)
Lansjefrellson  (Scandinavian town)
Paolupora (Polynesian island)

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