In the glory years of the Atompunk Age it was customary for major automakers to create buzz by depicted futuristic “concept cars” showing what may be coming down the assembly line in the next few years.  This marvelous illustration not only shows the Ford Gyron with its rocket-like tailight/exhaust piece, but also what were thought of as futuristic fashions… any of which could be used today, as a likewise example, for a movie about the future. There’s an exmphasis on wide, stiff cowl necklines, and Jiffy-pop skirts for the women. (But notice they are still wearing stiletto heels and white gloves.)

I also like the illustrator’s style, again indicative of the time: angular yet casual, breezy, posed, graceful, using a limited palette of oranges, pinks, steel blue, and brown.

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