Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/20/21: Animal Magic

Magical experimentation created this hybrid between hedgehog and lion.

Need some spells about animals for your campaign? Look no further.


Animal Magic

Aelbun’s Annoying Sparrow: Enchants a nearby sparrow to harass an opponent by diving at it and flying in its face. Humanoid creatures will attack at -1 capacity.

Blandoth’s Wrack Sea Serpent: Causes great pain in sea serpents of all kinds. Most often used for torture.

Born of the Wolf: This spell convinces the victim they are a werewolf.

Charm of the Minotaur: Bestows on the caster all the charisma of a fully grown minotaur, which is to say, none, except to another minotaur.

Frogspider: Turns frogs or toads into spiders, and vice versa. If the original form was poisonous, so is the changed form.

Glove of the Dragon: Rare and powerful, the dragon glove corresponds to any dragon type. It enables the user to create a mini version of the dragon’s breath weapon merely by pointing a finger. Most versions of this glove depict scales and claws.

Grinlo’s Chanting Cats: When activated, this spell causes all cats (including magical ones) in the area to chant a short phrase over and over, like “Go back! There is danger” or “The witch is out at the moment” in high-pitching, mewing voices.

Impish Bull: Enchants a nearby bull into acting in a mischievous manner.

Keep Hound: Successfully enables the caster to adopt a stray dog.

Minotaur Musk: Used as a vital ingredient in enchanted perfumes.

Phoenix Tinderbox: When someone tries to light a fire with this cursed tinderbox, it completely burns both the box and the user up.

Primrose’s Psittacine Fraternity: Spell that makes the caster understand parrot language and makes the caster more attractive to them. Often used to train parrots.

Vyrez’s Fractious Hare: Confuses and enrages any lapine animal to the point of attack.

Whip of the Squid: This magical whip resembles a cat o’ nine tails. Six whips are normal length, two are much longer and tipped with small hooks. The total number of attacks is eight. The longer strands can hook into an opponent and draw them closer. This whip gives +3 on attacks when used on the sea (i.e. on a boat) or by the sea (on a beach.)

Wyvern Wool: A very rare, highly magical, fibrous substance sometimes found growing on the undersides of sexually mature wyverns that are ready to mate. Wyvern wool can be of any color and is harsh to the touch. It is an essential ingredient in magical rope and certain types of magical clothing.

Zhism’s Clasping Scorpion: This small, brass pin in the shape of a scorpion will hold any two items together indefinitely.


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