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11/4/20: Military Division Nicknames


The American military has a long tradition of giving colorful nicknames to its various companies, divisions, and specialty groups. To go along with these nicknames are specially commissioned patches to be worn proudly on uniforms or jackets. Take a look at the assortment above. The graphics reached their height of bizarreness during the Vietnam war years, when they marked the wearer as belonging to an elite boy’s club of skulls with their eyes popping out, hissing vipers, drooling wolves, and angry woodpeckers … childlike, yet offputting.

The nicknames may stick with a division for a while, or change from conflict to conflict. To make a nickname “official” requires a special document from the Center of Military History.

In some future conflict, perhaps there will be monikers like these.


Military Division Nicknames

Hell’s Diving Birds

The Shoeless Cougars


Doctor Oppers

The Carpet Spillers

Earth Rhinos

The Rolling Wolfpack

The Flying Dobermans

Turret Goons

Bridge Shakers

Nose Squad

The Grunting Muppets

Road Ruffians

Gobi Zombies

Smoky Birds

The Jammin’ 43rd

Ultra Beamers

The Onboard 88th

Hoppin’ Copperheads

Soil Mappers

Gray Hairs

Dirty Zoo Diablos

43rd Globe Anglers

Musket Avengers


Tanker Breakers

79th Snow Squad

Golden Guns

Haulin’ Dogs

Black Eyes

Fighting Apes

Silver Buttons

26th Hill Division

Horse Eyes


Aqua Falcons

Whiskey Legs

Harbor Bulls

Cannon Cobras

Mountain Shakers


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