Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/23/20: Narnia XVII

Lewis ended the Narnia Chronicles after seven books. Not only that, he burned that bridge behind him: In The Last Battle, both Narnia and the child protagonists are destroyed.

But what if he made a never-ending series of Narnia, or allowed other writers to carry on his work, as L. Frank Baum did with Oz?  We now might be reading books like these.


Narnia, continued.

A Proud and Stupid Kingdom

Journey to the Silver Forest

The Sweet Wager of Walter the Sailor

The Mouse Trainer and the Mouse

Reepicheep and the Singing Donkey

Wood to Wood

Anian, the Prince of Stags

Aslan of Cair Paravel

Tash the Hawk

Snowgray the Unicorn

The Iron Gem

Horatio the Outlaw

The Glass Stable

The Adventures of Susan in the Utter East

A Witch of the Northern Woods

A Princess of the Sun

Queen Valida of Terebinthia

Prince Rabadash and the Magic Feather

Jill the Lioness

Rumblebuffin is Missing

The Hills of Telmar

A Fire-Winged King

Hamadryad Wood

The Tisroc’s Slave

The Invisible Storm

Rhince of Galma

Prince Percivalian

The Parchment Hound

Queen Safarra of the Brass Horn

All the Orchards of Glasswater


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