Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/22/20: Military Slang, Part II

Among the more well-known of military slang words are snafu and FUBAR. Both originated in WWII. Snafu has since passed into regular language use as a noun meaning a mess, an unexpected monkey wrench thrown into one’s plans. Originally SNAFU, the letters stood for Status Nominal: All Fucked Up,  a sarcastic term referring to the normal chaotic state of military life in the field.

FUBAR, in contrast, still keeps its acronym status, which means Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. Both terms have polite definitions in which “fouled” is substituted for the “fucked.”

Here’s some more randomly created military slang.


Military Slang, Part II

Jebus: Sailor
Jigabo: A sailor’s companion
Jive Batman: Long-suffering husband of a sailor
Jock: Enlisted man
Johnson: A General or USMC Field Marshall
Jumper suit: By definition, anything that can be worn in a parachute. You’ll want the perfect fit, but don’t wear a suit on this one!
Jumped-up Bootleg: Insulting term for newbies (nearly all of us)
Junk: Items that are not normal sized, such as tents or pallets 

Killa: SEAL
Kangaroo contretemps: A full court martial where all of the accused wear no clothes or wrap their genitalia in bandages
Kettling: The practice of purposefully forming a defensive chain while a riot is taking place.  This allows the formation of human shields and helps the rioters flee, leaving their vehicles unoccupied for officers to control.
Knowitall: A type of pilot who’s an uncultured Kool-Aid drinker

Landrezzer: Fully-automatic machine gun that fires a plastic disc
Lark: A military police dog
Linesman: An enlisted man who climbs on top of a tank and checks whether any shell casings have pierced the armor plating
Lint Stuffer: A sailor’s boot
Long Jacob’s Ladder: A method of killing that involves stripping the victim naked and dropping him from a height with a backpack and backpack straps holding the victim’s arms behind his back

Mama: Marine
Max: Marine
Ms. Militia: Navy lieutenant

Navy Ace: President of the United States of America
Naze: A rectangle of land 20 feet long and 5 feet wide
Nefarico: Derogatory name for military personnel from Quebec

Oath Keeper: Navy staff officer

Pappy: Corpsman
Pearl Diver: Submarine pilot
Pet: Sailor
Puff: Enlisted man

Q-Boat: Container ship
Quatter: Artillery captain


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