Worldbuilding Wednesday 4/1/20: Unlikely Animals (April Fools!)

Top to bottom: Platybelodon, a prehistoric elephant; Opabinia, an extinct arthropod relation; and the modern Saiga antelope.

Talktotransformer is proving to be a potent tool for me. I usually have to run things through a few times, and fine-tune and collate the results, but am mostly assured of a fecund list. By which I mean a list that makes the mind wander, cooking up possibilities (and story ideas) for people, places, and things.

Running a list of animals both real-world and me-generated created the creatures listed below. Some sound reasonable (Mississippi Batfish) others slightly off (Honeyeater Puffbird) and others, “no way in hell could this exist” (Dangerous Walking Tarantula). But, considering the animal kingdom of today and its forebears, there was more than a little WTFuckery going on in real life anyway. Consider the Platybelodon elephant above with its abnormally long jaws, the five-eyed Opabinia, and Asia’s Saiga antelope, an otherwise-normal looking antelope with an inflated nasal cavity. Makes you think, doesn’t it.


Unlikely Animals

Honeyeater Puffbird

Soggy Cur

Black Gleaming Li-Ang

Red Chested Perkin Pionus

Black-Inbred Tiger

Cervid Ostriche

Blue-cheeked Racoon

Dangerous Walking Tarantula

Gloomtooth Beetle

Red Tuttabot


Primitive Poachie


Berrybush Cheeky Lobel

Super Fine Tuned Fondue (Tuna)

Little Brown Bat-Orca

Longear Whale

Blackest Graybear

Sunkissed Kestrel

Rat Tail Sharpy


Cast Iron Nautilus

White-legged Krait

Wyrmscale Hydra


Habib’s Gizzard Shrimp

Mississippi Batfish

Gray Aurora Behemoth


Makeshift Roundworm


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