Worldbuilding Wednesday 3/11/20: Vampire Novels

Here’s the book that started the erotic vampire story trend. Released in 1994, at the height of the Splatterpunk trend, Love in Vein mixed vampires and sex in a new, explicitly adult way. Featuring fantasy and horror heavyweights like Kathe Koja, Gene Wolfe, and Charles de Lint, with an opening essay by Poppy Z. Brite who acted as editor, the anthology was a groundbreaker, inspiring many of the dark horror anthologies being published in small press form today (of which I am a contributor to, I’ll add.)

I’ll also give a shout-out to cover artist Mel Odom, whose distinct illustrations graced many of Guy Gavriel Kelly’s novels. Part Tamara Lempicke, part soft-porn artist Olivia, part Phillip LeDroit, Odom’s dreamy, understated, sophisticated creatures tempted you with knowing eyes to see what lurked inside the pages. In art school I was very impressed by his technique, all pastel colors and hard outlines, which was very different from the DAW look of fantasy paperbacks of the time exemplified by Rowena and Cark Lundgren. For Love in Vein it was a perfect match of cover artist and material.

Looking for a title for a Vampire book or short story of your own? Here’s a list of generated ones. One is there only for fun. Can you find it?


Vampire Novels

The Bloody Embrace
The Sanguine Lunch
Glamor of the Vampire
A Nest of Vampires
Tasty Prey
Dracula’s Burden
Black Screams
Savage Blood
That Damned Kiss
Blood Embassy
Fangs of the Bat
Belly of the Vampire
Talons of The Vampire
Midnight Blood
Time of Blood
Undead: The Lost Kingdom
The Deadly Ones
The Endless Grave
Butchered Love
Undead and Victimized
Hungry Hell
Sign of Blood
Children of Doom
Delicious Lure
Scarlet Flesh
Black Dimension
Shadowed Mother
Undead and Gone to Lunch
Delicious Bait
The Shadow Predators
Thanatotonic Climb
A Sweet Place for Vampires
A Smothering Cage
If Vampires Be Silent
A Betrayal of Vampires
My Titty-Monster
The Darkness Inside
Tentacle of the Vampire
Fresh Corpses
Battle, Blood, and Cigarettes
Magically Intoxicated
Faire Grave
A Well-Seasoned Vamp
Organ Crates
Unabridged Vampire Tales
Dark Light, Undead Sun
Tower of the Hallowed
The Crucible of Evil


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