Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/14/19: Trendy Scented Candles

Yankee Candles, the granddaddy of all candle companies, was founded in 1969 by New Englander Michael Kittredge, who melted Crayola crayons together to make a candle for his mom. His company grew throughout the 1970s, given a strong push in the U.S. by hippie aesthetics and the back-to-earth-movement, to become the flagship giant it is today, and the company currently offers  hundreds of different scents on its website. But few people realize candle scents are like fashion; they change with the season. Fifteen years ago food smells were the rage, like Angel Food Cake and Pina Colada. Now their place is taken by nature odors like Vetiver Cardamom and ones that invoke a time and place, such as Caribbean Marker. Other scents, like Lavender and Sandalwood, remain perennially popular, the little black dresses and navy blue blazers of the candle world.

Who knows what the next decade will bring? Here’s some randomly generated scents that may prove to be the next big thing. Comforting Birth, anyone? Summer Asphalt?


Novel Candle Scents

Nordic Starlight

Vintage Driftwood

Tropical Leaves

Caribbean Toasted Corn

Gingersnap Kahlua

Jamaican Carnival

Arabian Villa

Ocean Festival

Sunlit Ginkgo

Comforting Birth

English Leather Evening

Polished New Car

Desert Copper

Shimmering Agave

Salted Cherry Blossom

Venetian Bay

Summer Asphalt

Afternoon Silk

Vintage Taffeta

Spring Sweater

Movie Popcorn

Slate and Hot metal

Verbena Snowball

Green Bayou

Evening Shipyard

Wet Suede

Cherry Pipe Smoke

Powdered Lemon

Refreshing Oxygen

Antigua Currents

Dark Waters

Green Tea and Incense

Blackberry Eggnog

Rich Loam and Dark Chocolate

Warm Kiln and Redwood

Modern Proposal

Lava Field

Pensive Cigar

Christmas Waffles

Fresh Washed Blue Jeans

Rainy Ozone

Sweet Mustard

Asparagus and Mango

Violet Thunder

Mongolian Melon

Coconut Barley Sugar

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