Worldbuilding Wednesday 7/24/19: The Best of
xxxxTwittersnips II (Characters)

Scalpel-fingered cyberpunk Molly Millions.

Iconic female characters for SFF are hard to find… and by iconic I mean they will be easily known by any reader with a good knowledge of the field even if rendered by disparate illustrators. Elric of MelnibonĂ©, who was in last week’s post, is one: armored albino man with a sword. Molly Millions, who made her first appearance in William Gibson’s Neuromancer, is another: leather-jacketed punk girl with surgical steel fingernails and mirrorshade sunglasses embedded into her face. (Admittedly, I always found the idea of embedded sunglasses ridiculous. What happens when you cry? Get an itch in your eye?)

Here are more memorable names culled from my daily Twitter posts, up to June of 2019, that may be used for characters in a story or in a gaming situation.


Twittersnip Characters II

Sgt. Asglen Pepperwater of the Dragoons

Gandane Fiddlewater, a minstrel

Chindalf the Unexpired, a wizard

Hanolne, the Mountain Enchantress

Ysselve, the Illusionist of Steam

Sir Fanchon Disblaes

Mistress Fornhook, character in a BDSM novel

The Marquise of Leatherwood, character in a BDSM novel

Lady Irina Forcemouth, character in a BDSM novel

Kaliestes, a hero of Greek legend

Gilliam Lodespear, an English playwright

Babette Bainbridge, a silent movie actress

The Ravenwidow, a superheroine

Vyrmanson the Shapechanger

Ushaline, a mermaid

Lalöysses the Red, a pirate captain

Spinefeld the Prudent

Eugulus of the Orange Cap, a bard

Ankhbren of the Voiceless God

Isonaul, Magus of Water

Jandzar the Red Dragon, a barbarian

Cytest Roseblossom, a courtier


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