Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/29/19: 1960s Exploitation Films

Drugs, man

Uhhh… Casey Kasem was in this? Well, he was the voice of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo…

B-movies have long been with us, but after the deregulation of the Hollywood production code in the 1960s, the gateway was open for all sorts of lurid, sensational content. Happily it also coincided with the counterculture, and the two produced plenty of classics. The subject matter (and titles) even inspired more mainstream filmmakers, like Peter Sellers’ The Party and I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (Sellers was also a notorious experimenter of LSD.)

Itching for a title for a 1960s exploitation film that never was? Look no more.


1960s Exploitation Films

Cheerleader Gangbang

The Strawberry Rebels

The Jolly Good Guru

Plasticine Tigress

Shhh, it’s Only Us Kids

Vixen in a Rug

Shaggy in the Streets

Spy in a Bedsheet

Chelsea Hoodlum

The Tangerine Trip

The Wild Heiress

What’s Up, Freaks?

Peppermint Tiger

Velvet Caravan

The Aquarian Teens

Easy Switchblade

Teacher in a Miniskirt

Barefoot in the Underground

Yesterday’s Revolutionary

Operation Dallas-a-go-go

The Reefer Murders

Ski Bum in a Spacesuit

Swedish Wives

The Motorcycle Game


Love Robot Bug-Out!
Deadly Hot Rods from Venus!
See it now… and prepared to be turned on, at the…

(cue wild pseudo-acid rock music)


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