Worldbuilding Wednesday 5/22/19: Nouveau Cuisine

When I think of nouveau cuisine, I think of small items of food on very large large plates.

Of course there’s more to it than that. Such as an emphasis on freshness and natural ingredients, aesthetic presentation, and novel food combinations. Unlike classical French cooking, there are no heavy sauces and complicated preparation. The portions are small. It’s designed to be a feast for all the senses, not just one or two.

Are your characters headed to some pretentious new five-star restaurant in town? Here are some ideas for what they might eat.

Nouveau Cuisine

Pierogis of smoked shark simmered in zucchini broth flavored with lime.

Fresh salad of cold sliced halibut cheeks, spinach, brown rice, and taro root, with a creamy pepper dressing.

Japanese king salmon served on a poached bun, slathered with a yogurt and lentil relish.

Pressed duck sandwich presented with anise mayonnaise and slivered cucumbers.

Roasted scallop sandwich wraps with kale chutney.

Llama jerky and polenta with a spicy green curry sauce.

Fresh tuna simmered with squid ink and fleur-de-sal.

Partridge roasted on a cedar plank with brown rice biscuits.

Bratwurst of ground headcheese baked in organic sauerkraut.

Lobster flesh glazed with a whiskey-honey marinade and served with pickled artichoke hearts.

Scrambled Muscovy duck eggs with New Zealand organic lamb sausages and brown rice/buckwheat pancakes.

Peruvian paprika-seared duckling, served with diced cucumbers and cellophane noodles topped with ground bone marrow.

Lemongrass-infused pork liver deep-fried to perfection.

Grilled lamb slathered with truffle oil.

Roast turkey stuffed with veal medallions, Amish oysters, and pickled figs.



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