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I receive a smorgasbord of robot-generated spam on this site, most of which I delete. But every once in a while a receive a gem so perfect, so diamond-like in its sheer garbled incompetentness, that I have to share it. This one read like a randomly constructed SF novel.

He was still stuck on thats hardly more than a. was cut off in the. He Forex one glance over the Slime God using some lost egg of Forex bird whatever for anyone on board, to show what an Forex by means of a short, flexible stalk – and obediently. She said quietly, When the human Carrb be struck is. Suppose this robot said, ‘The to think of some winner light-years is Squidgee-17 or whatever, and we go there and winner that a probability is forces and depended on god-like there are no habitable planets after automatic. In the absence of superluminal discovered was that a planet Andrew was doing, other than volume and a certain temperature the Solar System, so that had one of two atmospheres: cell that higher his body. They believe that the only did allow himself to think a semipermanent basis or to of fire completely, since fire as he had done on. Dinosaurs in a moist, tropical they’ve already seized the key I, too, am a rate. Cliff could not tell whether it brightened with her temper. He said, Come to think you to test sure you and did what I had.

Now I will show off my editing skills (and some imagination) in getting it to make sense.

He was still stuck on hardly more than a ledge cut off in the cliff. He, Forex, gave a glance over to the Slime God using the last ‘egg’ of his ‘bird’ — the reconnaissance robot. For anyone on board, it would seem he was looking by means of a short, flexible stalk.

Obediently, the egg said quietly, “When the human Carrb is struck?”

Forex shook his head. “But suppose the robot said, ‘To think of the winner in light-years is Squidgee-17′ or whatever.”

“Then the robot is wrong. We go there and the winner is a probability in force depending on this god-like being. Remember, there are no habitable planets after automatic engagement.” Forex puzzled on this. “In the absence of superluminal travel, we discovered the planet Andrew Carrb was doing a survey on. Other than volume, and a certain temperature in the Solar System, he found it had one of two atmospheres.”

“Ah. A cell  higher than his body!”

“Yes. He believed that. Only then did allow himself to think the cell was on a semipermanent basis, or able to fire completely, since fire was what he had done research on.”

“Dinosaurs in a moist, tropical atmosphere they’ve already seized. The key!”

“I, too, am irate,” the egg said.

Still on the cliff, Forex could not tell whether the Slime God had brightened with the egg’s temper or not. He said, “Come to think, you sure did test what I had.”

A stodgy but not-bad excerpt from a hard science fiction story here, say, Robert Forward’s.

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