Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/12/18: Water Parks

Happy Magic Water Park, Beijing

This places looks like the stuff of fantasy, but it’s 100% real.

Water parks got their start in the 1970s, 1977 to be exact, with the opening of Wet n’ Wild in Orlando, Florida.  From the beginning it boasted a lazy river and a pool with an artificial wave generator and served as the template for imitators around the world. (It closed in 2016, replaced by Universal’s Volcano Bay.)

A year before that, in 1976, its neighbor Walt Disney World had opened River Country, which boasted a fun-filled lagoon which used filtered water from nearby Bay Lake. Its ambiance was that of an old-fashioned swimming hole. However, because it used lake water, it doesn’t quite meet the definition of a water park. River Country closed in 2001 and was left to deteriorate. I’m guessing the terrorist attacks of that year curtailed tourism and might have been the nail in the coffin for an already problematic attraction. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park took up the slack from River Country’s closure.

If you need a name for a water park or attraction in your writing, here are some ideas.


Water Parks

Cowabunga Splashdown

Tropic Whirlpool

Dolphin Beach

Triton’s Typhoon

Mystery Expedition

Tidal Banks

Kraken Wave

Ultrasurf Park

Puffin Cove

Pirate Peril

Skeleton Falls


Voodoo Reef



Starsurfer Paradise


Paradise Pools

Seamax Adventure

Hydro Raceway

Fusion Waters

Super Lagoon

Starflume Park


Hydropool Arena

Leviathan Slides

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