Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/7/18: Let’s Talk About the Kardashians

In my art classes I was taught that the way to create a good caricature, whether for a political cartoon or MAD magazine parody, was to exaggerate the two or three most distinctive features of a subject’s face, because that is what the human eye takes in first. Such a depiction is grotesque, yet instantly recognizable.

Yet, in doing some research for this post, I found that this does not apply to any of the Kardashian sisters, because their features have been so smoothed and blended by plastic surgery that there’s literally nothing to exaggerate. So, I found a picture of an old Bratz doll that is more recognizable as Kim Kardashian than an actual bona fide caricature of Kim Kardashian. Strange but true.

I am sure everyone knows who the Kardashians are and has some opinion on them, and most of them can articulate their opinion better than I can, so I’ll say simply that I don’t like them, and that if they were all killed tomorrow in a freak jet ski accident, I wouldn’t be put out. Not that I hate them, or anything. I just think the world would be better if they weren’t here taking up time, attention, and resources.

That said, if a writer needs to come up with a Kardashian Klone for their own version of a reality TV star or fashion icon, someone whose name has the same ring but isn’t them, here are some ideas.


Kardashian Klones

Kendar Korrashian

Khydee Kardashamia

Kyla Kardathis

Kami Kardashimi

Khloö Kadashiels

Kady Kurtdtan

Klea Korkoddian

Keenanne Kaftwafft

Kathe Khamulian

Kanai Kasumbra

Kamoa Kidzukis

Kathiss Kardavite

Keely Kudashka

Kendess Kukushian

Kethia Kardaz

Kamet Khodashandri

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