Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/28/18: YA Novels

Why write a whole YA book when you can query by title alone? Feel free to nab any of these.


Evocative YA Titles

The First and Darkest Throne

Above Clouds of Illusion

A Pure Sea of Dragons

Haunted Breath


Unlike Promises of Glass

The Fangling


A Mortal Yet Heavenly Prince

Among the Gold of Thieves

Tale of the Snow Thief

Kingdom of the Broken

The Gods of Dark and Ruin

A Gathering of Ash and Dragons

Sacred Rebel

Silk and Scales

Allies of Iron and Shadow

Girl, Twisted

Song of the Forbidden

Honor’s Thief

Wind Like Smoke

Black Prison of Feathers

The Rubies of Our Breath

Key of Promise

A Dark and Deadly Riddle

The Girl in Electric Silk

Of Golden Grace

Captive Petals

The Blue Princess

Glass Souls

Envy of Wings and Ash

Dagger of the Gods

Hearts Empty of Secrets

Sisters Above the Blood


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