Worldbuilding Wednesday 11/21/18: Archaic Clothing

Medieval Undies under the care of a textile conservator

Knickerbockers, tam o’ shanters, farthingales, liripipes… who wears these things anymore? But even if we  don’t, we remember them because of their odd and lyrical names. Here’s a list of more you probably haven’t heard of (because I randomgenned them up) but will remember once you hear them. So will readers and campaigners. Use at will.


Archaic Clothing Items

Snydugs:  Smocked gray pantaloons worn by rural women.

Tightnubbins:  Uncomfortable men’s military-issued underwear made of wool.

Maid-rags:  Light cotton, bikini-like undergarment worn by female members of the clergy.

Wrapflinder:  A silk-lined dressing gown with stiff, long, sleeves.

Wellinflators:  Tall ostrich leather boots worn by traveling minstrels, decorated with wool pompoms.

Dampskips:   Waterproofed linen gaiters, usually dyed green, with oilcloth uppers.

Dog-hider:  A loose beaver fur hat.

Cinchgams:  Small pearl buttons that hold shirt cuffs open at a rakish angle.

Schlertunchen:  Soft mink hose only worn by the wealthy.

Groftboners:  Heavy wool pants worn by sailors in cold climates.

Popcuts:  Soft ponyhide trousers worn by the young and decadent.

Turry-trainers:  Body-hugging, scratchy wool hose castle pages wear by Royal decree.

Bessie-Snag:  Woman’s lightweight wool underskirt.

Sportmules:  Red velvet knickers favored by well-connected gigolos.

Lispfarthings:  Ermine slippers with cork soles.

Poppyphorm:  A tradesman’s long jacket popular with university students for its many pockets.

Scryskip:  Tight laced tunic usually made of silk-lined linen.

Kisroft:  A traditional shepherd’s sweater knit from combined lambswool and sheepdog hair.

Stifrane:  A woven tree bark coat worn for protection from the elements by poor farmers.

Zincjats:  Cheap, casual house shoes fashioned from burlap stiffened with egg white.

Tangleprimp:  A loose pleated silk blouse worn at afternoon tea.

Shillywiggins:  Short cuffed knickers worn by schoolboys.

Milkduke:  A stiff lace ruff in the shape of a square worn at the neck by town judges.

Weskflit:  A ponyskin cap worn by small children to protect them from the sun.


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