Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/17/18: Let’s Talk About
xxxxSalt Lake City


The Angel Moroni

Salt Lake City is a city with a most illustrious pedigree, having been settled by religious visionaries like many of the original towns of America’s East Coast. It was named in the Western tradition of naming towns after prominent landscape features, like Butte, Montana and Boulder, Colorado. Yet it also has a certain ring. The “salt lake” brings to mind the Dead Sea of the Bible, and indeed the Mormons are an offshoot of Christianity. It also carries a meaning of penance and purity, as salt is noted for its cleansing powers as well its painful ones when rubbed on a wound. The “lake” implies a place of recreation and pleasure.

Unfortunately, in real life the actual lake does not live up to its name. Recreational boating on it is fine, but no fishing. Fish can’t survive in its salty water, only brine shrimp. It’s the shorelines that team with life and serve as a stop for migratory birds. The lake is salty because it’s a dead-end for the streams and rivers that flow into it from the surrounding land. There is no outflow so the water evaporates, leaving its mineral concentrations behind.

Looking for a name with the same feel as Salt Lake City? Here’s a random list below. Admittedly, I would not want to live in a place named Feces Lake, but Saltbottle sounds intriguing.


Variations on Salt Lake City


Salt Tubes

Dark Lick

Ten Meadows

Yarrow Lake

Salt Hollow

Swan Claw City

Salty Sands

Salt Gate

Salt Canyon City

Opal Hill City

Salt Mountain

Lightning Lake

Salt Desert Butte

Dust Lake

Salt Valley

Saltshake City

Death Child City

Feces Lake

Saltwit Cabal

Quicksand River

Cold Man Dale

Salt Grass City

Fog Lake City



Death Lake

Salt Whisper City



Salt Grove


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