Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/12/18: Individual Dragons II

dragon-shark hybrid

A drark, also known as a dracoshark

In the fantasy world, you can pretty much combine any any other animal into a creature and still call it a dragon. Dragon turtles are the terrors of AD&D maritime kingdoms. A Chinese dragon/lhasa apso hybrid featured strongly in The NeverEnding Story movie. And as I’ll continue to do on my site for September, there are plenty of dragon girls posing and looking pretty in all their scary — and scaly —  beauty.

For a dragon that’s a little different, here are some  ideas.

A few random, unusual dragons


A limbless wyrm covered with oily-looking blue and green scales, Koule collects objects made of silver. Intelligent and nature-loving, he eats trees and plants instead of meat to lessen his impact on the environment. His teeth are blunt, not fanged, and he speaks in a musical croak. Nevertheless he is as greedy as any dragon. Instead of fire he breathes out a thick black smoke that causes those trapped within it to gasp and choke.


An albino male dracodile, or dragon crocodile. Gamnur does not hoard treasure but collects random pieces of wood that are valuable only to him. He breathes out acidic spume at opponents while they are immobilized in the thick mud of his swampy home. Gamnur is crafty with a keen intelligence and very observant. Like a crocodile, he often lies motionless just under the surface of the water. He greatly resents intrusion and is always on the defensive.

Kraknix Sunwatcher

Kraknix is a young female dracoon (dragon racoon) with intermingled golden scales and light orange fur. She is the size of a small bear and has brown leathery wings. Kraknix collects natural history books and interesting pieces of driftwood, and her manner is curious, kittenish, and inquisitive. Her breath weapon is a shower of hot sparks.

Ithaud Dreamshade               

A venerable male dramerlion, or dragon mer-lion, covered with emerald green, fishlike scales and a purple mane. His eyes have no pupils. In manner he is self-assured and peaceful. He is fond of opals and pearls and attacks with electricity generated from his mouth. He lives on the sea bottom in a castle formed of living coral. He often associates with mermaids and other sea folk.

Mneur Misthaven

Mneur is a very rare dreetah, or dragon cheetah. She has finely textured, pale gold scales spotted like the fur of that big cat and her breath weapon is a cloud of hallucinogenic gas that incapacitates her enemies. Mneur jealously guards her savannah from intruders and isn’t above making a snack of them. On the ground, she is rumored to be the fastest of all dragonkind.


Cheu-saa is a massive green drark, or dragon shark. He can be heroic but also greedy, especially for rare seashells and pearl jewelry. Cheu-Saa loves gossip and speaks in a baritone human voice. He breathes out gouts of fire that boil the seawater around him.


A massive female dracolisk, a dragon-basilisk hybrid with dull gray scales and small, blunt horns. Her breath turns nearby creatures into stone which she uses to decorate her lair. She often travels in guise of a human gypsy minstrel and will lure attractive humans to a quiet area where she can “stone” them.


Zeike used to be a draconix, or dragon phoenix, until he became an undead, zombie-like lich. Now his brilliant gold, red, and orange scales are dull and lifeless, and his wing feathers tattered and gray. Zeike remains good-aligned but is now a quiet, depressed creature. He still collects interesting rocks and minerals as he used to and keeps his pride and sense of responsibility. Unlike a normal phoenix he can’t resurrect himself, but can still breathe fire.

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