Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/15/18: A Few Noble Families

Here’s something a little different, a set of randomly generated noble families (with a little tweaking) for use in a roleplaying game or as story background. I find that when these disparate elements are put together, the story or adventure may practically write itself.

What would happen, for example, if Vylen Lemugia returns home and finds his cousin does not want to give up the seat? What if Vylen then entices Parapha Ithrilmarsh, through seduction perhaps, to help him get back into power?

Ready-made noble families

House Alaartis The Alaartis are a noble family of good-looking astronomers who serve the current king. Their seat is at Streudberg Fortress which also houses their many telescopes and star-gazing instruments. They have foreign investments, chiefly in the textile trade. It is with these the current head, Lemelaura, concerns herself. Lemelaura is a voluptuous, middle-aged woman with a scandalous past. She is widowed, but has many lovers. Her eldest son Barceaso  has been chosen as the heir to succeed her. The crest of this family is a chained and collared lioness on a field of yellow.
House Uberwinter
House Uberwinter controls the largest caravansary in the city and they also own a number of warehouses. The family has a reputation for being open and outgoing. The current Duke, Tamnesham, is a handsome, stocky man in his mid-30s. He is unmarried, but patronizes several courtesans. Their seat is at Skyhessen and their crest a red castle on a black background.
House Lemugia
The well-educated Lemugia family control the city’s armories from their holding at Vitchhessen Fortress. They are also moneylenders and speculators. The current head, Edyseas, is serving as regent for his cousin Vylen Lemugia, who is in his early 20s but being educated overseas. The family’s crest is a severed hand dripping red blood on a maroon background. Their motto is, “Without knowledge, there is no gain.”
House Inthrilmarsh
The greedy, ambitious Ithrilmarsh family make their fortune crafting various poisons. They are also invested in silver mines to the west of the city and currently own two mining outposts. The current Lord, Jozuph, is an elderly, effete man who is rumored to have a wasting disease. His heir is his granddaughter Parapha, his  other children having suffered “accidental” poisonings in learning their family’s craft. The Ithrilmarsh rule from Nostorof Tower overlooking the Garden District. Their crest is a pair of scales above a shepherd’s crook.
House Yieland
House Yielant owns the majority of the farmlands around the harbor. They are the most boisterous of the city’s noble families and imposing in appearance, tall and strong with curly black hair. Lord Somunaë keeps them in line with a combination of judiciousness and tact. He enjoys hearing news from foreign travelers and will often host them in his castle. He and his wife, Shenice, have five children. Their seat is at their ancestral town of Garamond and their crest is a gray vulture wearing a crown.

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