Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/6/18: Cooking with Magic

From left to right: Jesrick’s Magical Cheese Tower; cupcake decorated with Perula’s Starry Sugar, and roast unicorn meat served at the Letchlake Solstice Festival.

Inspired by a thread on the useful AbsoluteWrite Water Cooler forums.

Magic can be used for a lot of things, but rarely in a story is it mentioned for cooking… and Medieval cooking often sorely needed it. Here are some randomly-generated food-related items to have fun with.

Food-related Magic Items

Nose of the Chef: This small clay model of a human schnozz is able to sniff food odors and tell the wielder exactly what is cooking. Silver noses can also list the ingredients of the dish, and gold ones, both that and what is needed for improvement.

Tapestry of the Whispering Beekeeper: This marvelous artifact measures 10’ x 10’ and depicts a garden in full bloom stitched in rainbow threads. It can be used to harmlessly capture a swarm of honeybees, no matter how big, by throwing it over the cloud.

Perula’s Starry Sugar: Useful to bakers, this enchanted sugar will twinkle like stars when it is sprinkled on top of a dessert item.

Illeshiva’s Diabolic Biscuits: These biscuits taste so good the eater is compelled to eat more than one, but for every one eaten, their appetite only increases.

Wand of Instant Sanitizing: Cleans and disinfects any kitchen item it is pointed at.

Snacktime Shoe: Only one of these shoes is ever found. When worn it conforms to the shoe on the wearer’s other foot. When the heel is stamped firmly on the ground, an apple and an energy bar appear in the wearer’s hand. The quick snack restores +1 hit points when eaten and gives a temporary +1 to Constituition for up to an hour afterward.

Jesrick’s Magical Cheese Tower: Creates an ornate, picturesque tower out of a like amount of cheese. Sure to be a hit at parties.

Knife of Pastry Folding: When wielded by a pastry chef, this knife quickly folds dough for strudels, croissants, phyllo rolls, etc. When wielded as a weapon, it rolls the opponent’s clothing up while they are wearing it, causing them to trip over their own pants, or get tangled up in their tunics.

Invisible Heat: This spell creates an odorless, smokeless, invisible campfire from ordinary wood. Intended for travelers who wish to remain concealed.

Ghanelan’s Stomach of the Flea: This spell shrinks the recipient’s stomach to the size of a flea’s stomach for the duration of the spell. Useful for dieters.

Magistrate Pio’s Pie Detection: The pastry-loving Captain of the Guard of the wizard town of Whittelwoorl created this spell, which detects any kind of pie within a half-mile radius.

Letchlake’s Unicorn Oven: A priceless artifact of the town of Letchlake, this room-sized oven, which resides in the kitchen of the baker’s guild, can completely roast a gutted unicorn in just under twelve hours with all the creature’s magical properties intact. Only a dozen unicorns have been roasted over the years and the feasts memorialized in the town’s history. Because of this, elves will not trade there.

Nutcracker of Doom: Looks like an ordinary nutcracker (think of the one from the ballet) and works like one, too – for the first few uses. But after that, don’t put your finger between its jaws, or you will lose it.

Cooling Trousers of the Chef: These enchanted white pants will keep kitchen staff comfortable in even the hottest kitchen.

Iseart’s Fantastic Bacon: Bacon is a common item to eat on long journeys and country inns, and it can get tiring. But this spell makes common bacon taste truly delicious, giving a bonus to morale and strength for hours afterward.


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