Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/27/18: Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter and his colon polyp

Spoof cover for a middle-aged Harry Potter adventure.

There’s no doubt the Harry Potter series of books is one of the world’s most popular fantasy epics, transcending age, nationality, and socioeconomic status. Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, which I reviewed here, features a similar series called Simon Snow as a plot element, Simon Snow being a boy wizard at an English boarding school for magic. Similar characters and settings abound on Wattpad and similar sites. Even porn writers got into the act when the Harry Potter series was fresh — one memorably titled character, Harriet Hotter, was a schoolgirl who was continuously being spanked for her perceived misdeeds.

Sometimes a writer needs to mention a similar childrens’ book as part of the plot or for local color. Here’s some randomly-generated ones to use.

Harry Potter Knock-offs

Charley Potkeen and the Route of Seamanship

Henry Potrich and the Hourglass of Sorcery

Harry Potkit and the Mirror of Death

Hershey Hookster and the Lame Gorgon

Harly Pitter and the Basilisk of Breakberry

Henry Patter and the Ancient Satyr

Helmsley Potcan and the Gypsy of Greyadder

Harley Cardster and the Unmentionable Sea Serpent

Harry Potkins and the Elves of Greenriver

Harquin Pastor and the Foul Weasel

Harold Pots and the Bald Cat

Henry Potovich and the Trickster Toad

Maxie Pointer and the Brooch of Illumination

Harlan Spotter and the Cobbler Of Coomspell

Harby Popper and the Paintbox of Plentitude

Horace Pacer and the Honey-tongued Harpy

Hardy Hornpiper and the Many-eyed Wyvern

Harry Poster and the Blacksmith of Plumraven

Ossie Whistler and the Minstrel’s Flame

Harrie Potsy and the Goblin’s Keep

Hensley Poker and the Unlucky Chameleon

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