Worldbuilding Wednesday 2/14/18: Great Romances

Guinevere’s getting ideas

Sometimes, when writing fantasy SF, or some mixture of both skewed sideways and viewed through a mirror, a writer likes to be clever and insert some obviously intentional fictional replacement for a real-world person, place, or thing. For example, Poppy Z. Brite’s novella Plastic Jesus was about a 1960s rock band called the Kyddz, the name a clear stand-in for The Beatles, which didn’t exist in the novella’s world, right down to the intentional misspelling.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day. I played around with the titles of some well-renowned love stories that fiction writers or game designers can use for local color, or perhaps a story inside a story.


Imaginary Romances

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Blackfellows

Love and Gristle

Harmony and Librarianship

Vigilance and Defense

Youth and Pachouli

Pride and the Hairbrush

Purity and Pretense

Peace and Prejudice

Loneliness and Jaundice

Logic and Stability

Clarity and Justice

Doom and Prestidigitation

Villainy and Pratfalls

Romeo and Juliet

Romaeo and Charmiet

Rapáe and Phea

Romey and Julie

Rolei and Signe

Ramoo and Aila

Moyee and Neviah

Ruqueo and Fariet


Wuthering Heights

Foraging Heifers

Thieving Highs

Weathering Hells

Stalking Kirtles

Blustering Quoits

Lady Chatterly’s Lover

Lacy Bradderly’s Villain

Dame Chasttelin’s Gamekeeper

Lady Chappesty’s Gypsy

Lady Tytterly’s Ouevre

Lanie Drattesny’s Lovely


Anna Karenina

Annie Karabethina

Ashlee Karenssa

Strella Kadryxna

Gretta Kekyvaina

Salda Karenina

Anna Karenobel

Trista Karylvania

Sara Sarenina

Inga Katherina

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