Worldbuilding Wednesday 1/31/18: Ski Resorts

A climate-controlled ski resort for global warming.

From Central Europe we move to winter sports, specifically, ski resorts. (Of course, snowboarding, ice skating, and cross-country skiiing are offered as well.) These, in Canada and the U.S. at least, tend towards a certain blandness when not named after local mountains or Native American tribes. By mixing and matching, possibilities are generated, so when you need a fictional sports resort for a story, here’s a short list.


North American Ski Resorts

Northwest Trails

Crystal Slopes

North Moraine

White Creek

Wolf Mountain

Blue Lake

Fox Vale

Eskimo Peak

Bobsled Creek

Elk Ridge

Alpen Vale

Northern Run

Coyote Ridge

Doe River

Rocky Meadows

Squaw River

Black Boulder

Stormy Vale

Snow Goose Pass

Eagle Creek

Wolverine Rock

Goose Meadows

Sunrise Summit

Snow Queen Ridge

White Grove

Stormy Rampart

Maple Peak

Norse Woods

Red Rock

Eagle Plateau

Maple River

Fox Lake


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