Worldbuilding Wednesday 12/13/17: Star Names II

Distinctive stars have distinctive names. Polaris, for example, is also known as the Pole Star, and at various places in its past Angel Stern, Cynosura, the Lodestar, and The Star of Arcady. Arcturus was known as Guardian of the Bear to the ancient Greeks. Constellation descriptions in old astronomical catalogs give descriptions such as “Regulus, the heart of the lion” and science fiction writers often reference stars created in their works by location, color, and brightness, e.g. “A yellow G2 star slightly smaller than Sol.”

Here’s some random gen names for your own work.


Star Names and Descriptions

Torsnilam, a dim star in the constellation of the Peacock

Delphwad, the Physician’s Wrist

Churalrai, the Star of Betrayal

Taungiethi, the Star of Malice

Quesraph, a brilliant white star in the constellation of the Badger

Torrara, a dim yellow star in the constellation of the Viper, also called The Corpse Star

Schiralpha, the Bloodlust Star. Its reddish color foretold battles and strife.

Olchab, a blue-white star in the constellation of the Goblin

Hamtut, the barbels of the Catfish

Thysaris, the star of Inner Transformation

Tasgenubi, the Goldsmith’s Friend

Translurops, the Star of Good Swordsmanship

Oudgenubi, the Winter Star

Yungedi, the Star of Glory

Mulrak and Mornax, the Dawn Stars

Pellanan, a bright orange star in the constellation of the Badger

Dhamgenubi, the Bright Heart of the Toad

Jalectra, a bright star in the constellation of the Boar, also known as the Giver of Forbearance

Grantaka, the Centipede Crown

Yeshchard, Heart of the Ibis

Khangeuse, a bright reddish-orange star also known as the Goblin’s Liver in the constellation of the same name.

Kivkha, the Hippogriff’s eye

Kyhaut, Eye of the Phoenix

Dengete, the Vulture’s beak

Shauntaka, the Tanner’s thumb

Qugieba, the Sage’s star

Umwaad, the Maiden’s head

Kallinan, the Warrior’s finger

Tamhaut the Unlucky. To see it at dawn invited misfortune.

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