Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/4/17: Legendary Creatures

World mythology is full of fabulous beasts, beings, spirits, and creatures. There are the ones everybody knows, like gryphons, dragons, and unicorns; then there are those that are semi-familiar, like the harpy and thunderbird; and lastly, some that are truly obscure, like the grootslang, the ahkluyat, the senmurv.

Here’s a list of randomly generated creatures — all of them imaginary —  that falls firmly into the last category.


Legendary Creatures

Jellund: An immortal wolverine with a mass of tentacles instead of a head. It watches over sleeping children to make sure no harm comes to them.

Cenotalon: A huge silver fox with two heads and the wings of a pterodactyl. It has an alert, watchful stance and likes to lair in mountain aeries.

Umbramorg: A mythical heron with eight legs and the iridescent green throat of a hummingbird. Its red-gold plumage appears to be on fire but is never consumed. Legend says it lives on the moon and visits earth only once a year.

Ganjatang: An elephant with the fins and tail of a fish. Students of the occult say it can be found in fetid swamps. It sports a golden mane around its neck and has stubby wings, though it cannot fly.

Harouille: A wise old horse, the leader of all its kind. Legend says it has wings attached to its legs and flies amongst the clouds, creating rain.

Lempsoogle: A giant snail with two heads and the scaly legs of a rooster. It is always surrounded by an aura of heat and puffs out clouds of steam from under its shell.

Sophidyle: The sacred blue crocodile of the city-state of Maggaphis. It is fond of entertaining humans with its singing and has a penchant for stealing scissors.

Sophiclaw: A demonic flying serpent with six wings. It has foul, obscenity-filled speech.

Fornharp: A wise old tortoise with the head and tail of a fox.

Yathnang: A giant catfish covered with green slime. It has ten chin barbels and a single eye in the middle of its forehead.

Cerephant: A giant brown-furred dog with four mouths that guards the Citadel of Lies.

Koratas: Giant scarlet mosquitoes with human heads and arms. They attack the genitals of unwary adventurers.

Ampyroc: A giant raven with an ivory horn on its forehead.

Lephuan: A legendary gazelle of the Southern deserts. It has eight wings and eight golden horns, and will grant you a wish if you catch it.

Leddendrill: The Silver Rabbit of the Moon. It guards the Ocarina of Time and can travel the world in one day.

Jessoboon: A white-furred monstrosity resembling a baboon with three buttocks. It lives under a glacier made of silver ice.

Unimeek: A legendary phoenix that, instead of burning, freezes everything in its path with its icy breath.

Umdyrie the Scarlet: A great dragon that constantly nibbles at the roots of the World Tree, Yggigna.

Aahuan: A nature elemental in the shape of a hawk. It has a frail appearance, a mournful, hooting cry, and a human mouth instead of a beak. Legend says it emits feces made of flame and is able to aim them at its enemies.

Dinoockies: Small, fierce gryphons with the bodies of rats rather than lions.

Bramoth: A giant armadillo-like monster with two heads and jagged teeth. It has a harsh, gutteral voice and will devour the sun at the end of Time.

Aspoone: A giant sea turtle with the tail of a scorpion, with which it uses to procure sharks, its favorite prey.

Rhinavern: A legendary dog with ivory wings and a golden mouth. It has the ears of a human and consumes gems as food.


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