Worldbuilding Wednesday 10/18/17: Geisterbahn

Geisterbahn, or German ghost-train ride

Do you enter? I dare you.

Geisterbahn is German for ghost train, the popular amusement park ride that carries thrill-seekers into dark, eerie tableaus designed to thrill and shock them. The most elaborate of these are found at Munich’s Oktoberfest. In the US, these rides are known as Spookhouses, or Haunted Houses. Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is an example of the best of the best of them.

Around Halloween, another type of Geisterbahn crops up — the live action haunted house, usually presented by charities, but often featured as part of a regular park’s seasonal offerings. These can be quite elaborate and some are definitely not for kids.

Here’s a list of randomly-generated names for your own haunted house attraction.


Haunted House Attractions

Ghost Forest

Killer Plunge

Mutant Raceway


Vampire Rebellion

Ghost Ninja

Satan’s Circus

Medusa Mania

The Gorgon’s Nest

Psycho Prison

The Joker’s Scream

Haunted Shadows

Defcon Planet

Voodoo Hospital

Satan’s Holocaust

Demon Carnival

Killer Train

Zombie Warning

Mutant War

Midnight Journey

Murder Planet

Mummy Madness

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