Worldbuilding Wednesday 8/23/17: Jungle Girls

Jungle Girls are the female counterpart to Tarzan, Sabu, and countless other wild men and boys clad in flapping loincloths swinging through the trees. Modern interpretations of her began with Rima the Bird Girl, a character in the 1903 novel Green Mansions, which makes her older than Tarzan who debuted in 1912. Like Burrough’s creation she was often an orphan raised in the wilderness by animals or natives, but unlike Tarzan she also appeared as seductress, the wanton Queen or sorceress of a lost civilization. She also played the role of victim for the male adventurer to rescue. Her popularity took off with the pulp and Hollywood age, and she appeared in hundreds of books, adventure magazines, comics, and movie serials. Many incarnations came and went over the years, most forgotten now: Vooda, Nyoka, Lana, Rulah, Taanda, Luana. Sense a pattern here?

Following are some evocative Jungle Girl names writers can use in their own work.


Jungle Girls

Black Shayina

Jansa the Jaguar Queen

Nammina of the Jade Jackal

Karida, Lady of the Zebras

Ganzha Queen of Paradise

Thuvoka the Forest Girl

Staranee the Eagle Girl

Thuruma, Princess of the Moon

Fantna, the Black Huntress

Jania, Mistress of the Jungle

Farmeena, Queen of the Forest

Sabra the Rising Witch

Faroka the Falcon Girl

Fanta the Elephant Girl

Turanee the Lion Girl

Nyona the Hyena Girl

Beluna the Dingo Girl

Farida the Leopard Girl

Zanida the Emerald Forest Maiden

Rashalina the Swamp Goddess

Princess Jondanee of the Sighing City

Oyna, the Secret Queen of the trees

Thurra the Gentle Huntress

Mokkira the Divine Mistress of the Moon

Mambalina the Jungle Orchid

Yvezana, White Moon of the Rainforest

Sauma the Blue

Reesa the Barbarian Princess

Warrior Queen Rashika

Aquilia, the Conqueror Queen

Leina of the Lion Clan

Vinmeena, the Viking Princess

Kyzara the Mercenary Princess

Queen Tarona the Savage

Oukana the Sacred Queen

Nozola, the Destroyer Queen

Talkana, the Nomad Princess

Tona the She-Devil

Thuria the Witch Queen

Savage Princess Wiluna

Amazon Queen Rhomeena

Nika, Princess of the Steppe

Green Zanna

Karina, the Witch Princess

Jaydina the Huntress

Alya, Green Ghost of the Forest

Tarmeena the Sorceress

Queen Cassanee of Sarhonistan

Sazha the She-Wolf

Mokkana, Savage Lioness of the Plains

Xenasa, the Mountain Pearl

Ganthonga of the Witch Kingdom

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