Worldbuilding Wednesday, 7/12/17: Organizations Clearly Up to No Good

Fantasy fiction (and science fiction, for that matter) is full of secret societies, thieves’ guilds, Hellfire clubs, and other associations for like-minded individuals. Often these are major drivers of the plot. Frank Herbert’s Dune would not be the same without the Bene Gesserit, or The Wheel of Time seriesĀ  the Aes Sedai. H.P. Lovecraft had all matter of secretive covens plotting for the return of The Old Ones. And who can forget the brutal Owsla of General Woundwart in Richard Adams’ Watership Down?

Here are some randomly-generated sinister societies for you to use in, or inspire, your own fiction.



Organizations clearly up to no good

The Savage Alliance of Saxluft

Brethren of Whispering Sorcery

The Fingers of Destruction

Order of the Bloody Whip

Brotherhood of the Damnable Dawn

Eldritch Allegiance of Villainy

Shadowed Acolytes of Darkness

Circle of Unmentionable Thaumaturgy

Sisters of Searching Doom

Worshippers of the Black Bee

Fellowship of the Fiery Cowl

League of Cthonic Triumph

Order of the Hideous Hood

Conclave of the Undead Eye

Confederacy of the Shadowed Prophet

The Shadowed Wives of Garamshire

Fathers of the Jackel

The Scabrous Trillium

Coalition of the Faceless Cobra

League of Malefic Dark

Conclave of the Red Tower

Brotherhood of Scarlet Abomination

Fellowship of Hell’s Bookbinders

Coven of the Amber Badge

Society of the Black Crocodile

Scarlet Legion of Villainy

Handmaidens of the Hooded Order

Matriarchy of the Demon Scarac

Sisterhood of the Infernal Gorgon

Kinship of the Hellbound

Brothers of Monstrous Mayhem

Townsmen of the Bewitched Wizard

Enclave of the Vulture

Sanctum of Inexporable Darkness

Brothers of the Squamous Solstice

Society of the Vampiric Trousers

Coven of the Scabrous Claw

Legion of the Hook and Hand

Cenobites of the Mumbling Void

Vile Disciples of Pestilence

The Squirming Basilisk

The Monstrous Shadow

The Eldritch Sisterhood of Stabworth

Brethren of the Twilight

Minions of Cloaked Decay

Gray Company of Death

Slaves of the Blind Ibis

Sanctum of Despair

Silent Bone Society

Kinship of the Iron Sphere

Disciples of the Red Claw


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