Worldbuilding Wednesday, 7/19/17: Civic and Community Organizations

Not as glamorous as evil societies or those dedicated to dark magic. But every sizable town and city in a typical Medieval European society has them. There are guilds devoted to workers and tradesmen, merchants’ leagues, secret societies like Freemasons, civic leagues dedicated to improve some aspect of city life, and even rebels lurking below the surface. Can they serve the plot? Yes and yes. At the very least, they will round out your world and make it whole.


Civic and Community Organizations

The Provident Townsmen of Bitterend

Fraternity of Benevolent Buskers

The Iron & Bronze Society

League of the Unconventional Key

Glorious Citadel of Labor

Allegiance of Youth

The Hand of Charity

Axe & Snuffbox Fellowship

The Hand & Hoof Brigade

The Charitable Syndicate of Nungeska

The Temple & Sandal Fellowship

Munificent Coalition of Physicians

Lucid Association of Egalitarian Courtesans

Townsmen of Unprejudiced Good

Benevolent Coalition of Ironworkers

The Ear of Emancipation

Lodge of Plentitude

Company of Enlightened Witches

Consortium of Unprejudiced Husbandry

The Noble Handmaidens of Starsweet

The Dignified Ladies of Lovebegone

Kinship of Congenial Hospitality

Brotherhood of the Fetid Sandal

League of the Copper Wyvern

The Diligent Brethren of Greenchild

Association of the Orange Cravat

Fellowship of Bright Butchers

Provident Goodwives of Saltsark

Apprentices of Skeleton Mountain

Exalted Townswomen of Gingervot

Coalition of Beneficent Landlords

Brothers of Summer

Followers of the Precise Empress

League of the Playful Jewel

Pro-Farming League of Landowners

Ancient Gathering of Explorers

Citadel of Invisible Ecstasy

The Stonemasons’ Union Of ValerĂ¼ch

Caravaneer’s League of Rumilady

Commune of the Cat

Sisterhood of the Yellow Iris

Society of Astrological Adventuring

Numinous Order of the Rainbow

Allegiance of the Humble

Brothers of the Fox

Esteemed Blacksmiths of Chanverandis

Society for the Study of Celestial Navigation

Pro-Exercise League of Magic-Users

Esteemed Kin of Wings

Gentle Tailors of Swanfest

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