Worldbuilding Wednesday, 6/21/17: Magic Users

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Continuing on my theme of randomly-generated magic spells items, let’s look at wizards and magic users in fantasy fiction. There are many memorable characters that come to mind, and if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s an unforgettable name. For example, Gandalf the Gray. Short and to the point; and more importantly, much easier to say and remember than Saruman and White or Radagast the Brown. (When he became Gandalf the White later on, I confess I didn’t like his name as much.) Then there’s Jack Vance’s weirdly alliterative Iucounu the Laughing Magician, who was not so mirthful as petty and vengeful. On the other hand J.K. Rowling’s creations Snape and Dumbledore had names suggestive of their personalities, the latter friendly and playful, the formerĀ  sinister and bitter.

Here’s some magic-user names, randomly generated, that have a certain ring to them. Need one? Take it!


Magic Users

Honneil Snowhollow, the Vampire Enchanter

Viszplen of the Black Finger

Kyranje the Summoner

Pajrab the Shape-Changer

Wizard of the Wyvern

Falgya the Witch

Mage-Queen Eriantha Nightbird

Sylleura of the Desert Dawn

Cyrilina the Winter Sorceress

Alvandurine, the Witch Of Cloudcall

Mirlaine, the Illusionist Of Dustyhawk

Vistiax the Blue

Mornaith of the Crimson Thumb

Vyrrhea, the Elementalist of the Silver Flame

Marsbet, Magus of the Laughing Raven

The Sapphire Spellmistress

The Magus of Mornaur

Lady Mirandothy the Theurgist

The Thaumaturge of Tisviper Lake

Vanuista the Shadowless

The Wizard Glub

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